Pati Becker

Roles: Group Manager.

Specialty: Archery, Rune Magic, Slavic & Norse Shamanism, Viking food & herbs.

Projects: Organization of Events, Media, Web content, Communication.

Reconstructs: Scythian / Sarmatian, in transition into Truso / Bodzia – West Slavs (10th century)


Shivomir Bjorskramer

Roles: Living History Specialist, Treasure Hunter, Gothi.

Specialty: Archery, Rites of Passage, Marriage, Warfare, Mead-tasting, Education.

Projects: Organization of Events, Supplies, Communication.

Reconstructs: East Slavs


Aleksandra MacDougall

Reconstructs Scandinavia – Birka & Hedeby.

Ehren Becker

Roles: Warrior in training

Conrad Becker

Roles: Warrior in training

Rober & Carol Martin

Roles: Robert is our honorary Jarl.

Robert and Carol are the Colonial Era reconstructors, but they are also working on their Viking period interpretations.

Ryan Lopez

Roles: Byzantium merchant