How to join

If you are interested in living history and experimental archeology, warfare, food, crafts, music, or you feel like you were born in the wrong century – welcome home.

Visit us at Old Fort, NC during our open events and Viking Festivals whenever they are scheduled. This can give you a greater opportunity to check out if the historical reconstruction feels like a good medieval fit! We show up on the 4th Sunday of each month in Historic Old Fort NC, unless scheduled otherwise. Click 4 Schedule.


The first step is to figure out who are you in the big scheme of things – going with your natural skills and interests might be a good way to get started. For example, if you make pottery or if you like woodworking, you can start as a merchant making medieval clay cups, or wooden bowls which you can sell or trade for a shirt, bow, or knife. You can also become a warrior, although the gear required will probably take some time to put together. You might wish to do archery or herbal remedies, or sew beautiful dresses…

For those aiming at accuracy from the start, the easier people to re-construct (but more expensive) are the noble/elite/wealthy folks whose rich and beautiful possessions survived in the greatest numbers and in good enough shape for us to copy today. A lot of what we know about Scandinavian clothing and weaponry comes from the graves of upper-class folk. The other option is to go simple – as simple as it gets – until you get a hang of the whole thing. linen dress / pants / shirt / shoes. One blanket. Caftan or apron if you want to be really fancy…

Pati & Shivomir in Grodzic Castle, Poland.


To become a Viking of Ashegard a set of historically accurate clothing and gear is required, as well as basic camp equipment (cup, bowl, spoon, knife, to start, a tent is a plus). Each member has an active role in the group, it’s willing to participate in open events, festivals, and workshops. All members of the Vikings of Ashegard have camp duties, tidying up before and after a gathering, and are expected to participate in the events and festivals, although that is rather a reward and the best part of the efforts.


Without the kids it’s not really a Viking Settlement or re-enactment, so we are happy if parents join with the kids. This is total immersion and kids are included – they have to have all the ‘appropriate’ gear, too, although we understand that at first getting them all prepped might take some time. Attendees under the age of 18 must have a guardian with them.

Wolin. PL.


Everyone is welcome! All beings of goodwill and moral character can join the Vikings of Ashegard. But, we will not tolerate stupidity, arrogance, dangerous & reckless behavior, lack of respect, inappropriate clothing or gear, and laziness.